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Tuesday, January 5, 2010


name's niyan. today's topic is: feeling_hurt

It hurt to feel, but hurt is also a feel. but nothing hurts like a friend ignoring u. u'll only know when u feel it. it hurts more if tat friend is u r love. i use the term love for a lover.... pls don't misunderstand if i say "u r love deeply loves u"... it only means tat u r lover lover deeply loves u. Hurt is directly proportional to the feeling/caring for tat person. don't belive try it.
It hurts more if a best friend ignores u more than a unknown person or the person u just meet ignores u. it hurts u more if u r love ignores u than u r best friend ignores u... try it it's all frm my soul, every word of it is true....
Other forms of hurts. joulasy hurt is another form of hurt the previous one was ignoring hurt. the feel tat get if u r best friend is in favour of other is the jelousy hurt. this hurt is commonly seen in love. this hurt mostly result is voilence. be careful to watch out for this kind of feeling....
Another form of hurt is Betrail form of hurt . this will also end in voilence depending on the intensity of the feel. for example if a friend betray u, what will u do, and if u r love betrays u, wat will u do... the mear sentence of betrail gives u hurt and feeling of anger and fear. Here betrail hurt is directly proportional to the trust.
Some times it does't hurt at all if u r beaten up tied to a poal. But it hurts if u r love, friend or one who u care for is done the same. this senario is used in most films, u've seen it also. this hurt is called the physical-mental hurt of the loved ones. I don't think i need to explain this form of hurt at all... if u want more explanation just try a movie which involves drama.
There's another form of hurt, which is mostly mistaken with good feeling,... the hurt of sacrifice... it hurts a lot to let go of something u love to someone who wants it more than u. U may call me self centered or anything u like , but it really hurt to sacrifice something u love for someone else.... As i said earlier it's commonly mistaken as pleasure /good feeling of seeing others happy.....this hurt is mostly followed with jelousy,insecurity,and sometimes hatered.

Have i mentioned that feeling don't come alone, they come in heard.... Don't belive me, just try to classify pure happiness. Happiness always comes with satisfaction( satisfastion is also a feeling). sadness mostly comes with anger, dissatisfaction, mostly frusturation and anger. similarly all not almost, all emotions/ feeling come in heard never alone....
So when u say u r totally happy, u really not happy, u r satisfied an feel good./.

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