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Friday, December 31, 2010

One of my earlier reading(just for introduction)- facial readings

By now i've read about 75%. if i complete my reading, u'll never be able to lie to me.
you might be wondering wat i ment by reading ..

i'm trying to find out wats wrong with u. u may ask,"wats wrong with me?"

but tat's wat i'm trying to find out. till now i have't been  able to find wats wrong with u.tats odd i usually find something wrong with every girl i see. the problem is there's no problem in u,tats disturbing for me....

It's like u r an ideal girl wat i've been looking for, u r chivalrous, u r single. tat won't go together. there't many girls who r chivalrous and single, u know. The last girl who was chivalrous i met, had a boyfriend.Most of the girls i met who i think was chivalrous has boyfriend. at first i taut u had a boyfriend too. when i found out tat u were single, how can tat be, it doesn't go together. Then i figured you'd have ideals. which i confirmed by the the way..

Then i noticed something,tat u were chivalrous to mask something in u r life, the pain,loneliness in u r life . Then wat could be in u r life which u r finding an emptiness to fill. Then i remembered about u r accident, u promised u r mother something right. frm tat moment u r mother expects u to keep u r promise right, tat makes u left out..

the reason i'm telling u all this is tat frm the day i talked to u for the first time, till now, i never met anybody who i can read this good. like u r an open book/a news paper for me, every time u come in frount of me, i can even see wat u r not telling, then wat u r telling out loud...

Whats wrong with u , u tell me yourself, wats wrong with u, so tat i stop figuring u out and try move on to find my dream girl.wat is tat in u tat i don't like. y don't u look flawed to my eyes.i can even find flaws even in supermodels, belive me.But u...

 i still remember the first time i talked to u. it was in the office, u were waiting outside of the princi's
office when i came to get admitted tat day and i asked u something..

the day when we were waiting in the park , when u took my phone and was checking my msg, i saw u r face. how u looked, when u saw the wallpaper in my phone and asked me who she was i read u r face. when u looked me in the eye tat day,i saw something tat day..

when u saw tat i had given my book to u r friend tat day, i read something tat day. U asked me to get it for u.
 i found jealousy in tat voice tat day.But i had to make sure tat u were different frm others and i'm not mistaken for u.then i realized....u were special.. And tat made me curious.

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