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Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Pages Of Life

when u miss someone it hurts.

when u remember someone when you were having good times,
you just wish why can't it all be like before?
what did i do wrong?. how can i correct it now?
is it too late?. is he/she still thinking about me?
like i think about him/her?.has has/she moved on?.

like this many questions raise in our minds.
the only solution is to just laugh about those
lovely times and get on with your present life.

it's better to live in the future then in past.

they went away from our life for a reason.
may be it was their time. or it was not meant
to happen.whatever it may be, it's for the best.
because you are who u r now because of them at that time.
the mistakes u made in the past,is what the present
is all about.

if u r happy now. it's all the reason u need to
leave the past and move to the future.

you are living your life now without them because it
wasn't meant to happen now. life is just
what is meant to happen, nothing you do or don't
do, can change the way you live in the future.

you are not responsible for who comes to your life
or leave from your life. you are only responsible
for what impression you leave when they are with you.
what memories you give for them to remember you.

Life goes on, whether you want it or not, the only way
you can make it better is to live in the present, learn
from the past, and plan for the future. because, today
-will- become yesterday no matter what you do, and
tomorrow always comes. have you done enough for
today to remember it as past and will you accept tomorrow
like you accepted today is what makes the life so special
to live everyday for the rest of your life.

My life is like a train in making. Every stage of my life is like a cart on work.
The beauty of each one is given by how much involvement i put in creating it.