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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Romance in the rain: Part 1

let me tell u a story.

Once there was a boy, and there was a girl.they met, hang out
fell in love, and got married. Now where's the fun in tat.
life's all about twists and turns.

here i put u a story about a young boy falling in love with a pretty girl.
it's a pretty big story. so put it in parts of senarios. with pretty twists
and turns.. hope u like it.

I like to mention a perticular incident tat took place, which shows
how dumb he was to girls..

it was raining tat day, like pretty much everyday in the season.
And this place is burning sun in the summer and raining wet all the
time in the rest of the year,it's....... the costal area...

by the way, he already made some friends in the summer, so it's the
winter or rainy season, where true romance get going.and to add more
taste to it, the costal area. the never ending sea, far far sand shore,
sun in the horrizons,it's the best getaway u could ever get.

By the way it's raining tat day.He's standing in the bus stop.
she's standing couple of feet next to him.she's wearing a beautiful
dress.Her hair was left lose till her sholder and she was wearing a
low heal slipper. Most boys look tat to..hahum...

she sees him and gives him a smile.

she had a cream white face and body.her eyes are like lill chillis,
with black grapes.her nose is small,but not as small as tat his fingers
could't hold to. she has a cute lips with lipstick on.

He gambling with his heart moves towards her and say,"Hello".

she wearing a watch in her left hand and bangles in right.she asks
him," Do u travel by the same bus everyday? where's u r house".
by the way it'a an orbious question, they were classmates ..

He quickly reply,"Alape, next stop of the chairman's house... where do
u live?".

she says,"padil".

She notices tat he wasn't having an umbrella in that rainy day.
she says" It's better to get the bus from jyothi,lets go there.
(Here jyothi is a next bus stop,gets it's name from the theater jyothi.)
Here i have an umbrella".she casually offered her umbrella and he casually
accepted.She started walking and he started walking behind her with her
umbrella.She was walking a step or two ahead of him,
the road was kind of messy from the rain so he struggled to keep up.

After they both reach the bus stop,he gave back her umbrella to her,
by then the rain was reduced to drissling.There she stood with her
umbrella, like an angle in the rain.

The next bus came. she entered the bus frm the women's frount entrence and he
took the back entrence.

He could see her frm the back.like the saying goes,"Anyone can catch your eye,
but it takes someone special to catch your heart".But he did't know thought.
Their stop came and she got down.Before he could get down making his way from
the bus in that crowd.she had already started walking on her way to the class.
And by then he noticed,dame she's a fast walker..

It felt like she was runnig away from him!!. Orbiously she entered the
class first,a few minutes before he did, and was talking to her friends when
he entered the class.Tierd from the long bus ride in the rain, he took no time
to notice her,he setteled down in his desk.It was still few minutes too early
for the teacher to come to class.

As he was resting in my bench. she looked at him, and came towards him. He had't noticed her till she says,"have u done the assignment?, can
i have u r book?". i without saying a word looked at her and
silently handed her his book. As she received his book, she stood in
frount of him turnig the pages.He quickly noticed that,he grabbes his
book from her hand, opened the assignment page of the assignment and
handed the book back to her.

As he grabbed the book, she gazed at him with a sweet kind of aura.
the kind of aura tat girls usually have when a sudden or amasing thing happen.
The aura prevailed till she moved back to her seat.

That's the time he truly looked at her like a women. She really looked
beautiful to his eyes. But my boy had ideals...