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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introduction on emotion reading(brief)

Since I'm still working on something,today I'll give a brief intro
into "my classification" on reading.

I hate it when ppl think tat, they know when i can be wrong.
that's why i always say, "just because you couldn't do it, it doesn't mean others can't do it".
it seems bit cold, but it's the perfect ego shatter er.

Ego is the one which makes ppl do thinks without thinking straight.

The basic principle of reading someone is by basic gesture and comparison,that's the method i follow, and it has worked for me. comparison is by main, putting yourself in others shoes and observing how they react in the same situation when you are given.
That's the basic gesture recognition.

But "face reading" is much more complex then just gesture recognition, the basic of facial recognition/reading, is to see how people react to words and spoken to them. Most of the recognizance is universal, but some vary with person to person.

You can see that, emotions change some basic pressure points. Not to go deep to this, one other way is by "reading eyes".

Unlike facial recognizance, reading eyes is not easy as it sounds.But once
mastered it can provide ways to compensate all of the disadvantage of facial reading. Eyes reading cannot be tampered like facial reading,tampering here by means, changing by practice. eyes reading easily gives out your emotions no matter how calm u look in u r face and voice. that's the specialty of reading eyes.

The method i often use is a mixture of gesture and reading eyes. I can do the
"facial reading" to a level, but i sorely concentrate on the eyes. Through i'm not
qualified or in the level of the deception expert, i'm what you may call, amateur-intermediate level trainee. I'm telling this, just so clarify of what to expect from me. most people can read faces up to some level, only that much that would help in their business or line of work. But me. I've made a habit out of it,
which means i'm in certain other level then your average business man...^_^