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Sunday, February 7, 2010


As the saying goes,"Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart".
It means, it's not how she looks like, it's how she makes you feel. when she walks, talks, laughs, her personality is in wat a person should fall in love with not her facial looks,or body
Those who goes for a facial looks,and body structure should go for a whore or a
prostitute not a lover.
love is also beauty. It is beautiful. Because, what makes someone beautiful is how they act and what they do. A person who loves, is beautiful.
A lover looks for a compatible heart, which makes him feel happy at the sight of her
presence,makes you feels how she does in her talk, makes her every move laughable like a child
and her presence near him comforts him like there is nothing worth living without his
counterpart, and makes every second wanting to last a lifetime.
As one of my friend says, Love is a mental illness, and he even justifies it by giving a definition of mental illness and telling tat love fits it!! this is wat the definition of love that he gives,
" n. Any of various conditions characterized by impairment of an individual’s normal cognitive, emotional, or behavioral functioning, and caused by social, psychological, biochemical, genetic, or other factors."
Well i agreed with him except for the genetic factor, then he asked whether i ever been to Alabama, and this is what he says, "In Alabama? You have to ask a guy, and he’ll ask his uncle-brother, or maybe his mother-sister. Between the three of them, they might tell you what they think". Well i never tried it till now, but the point is, Is love really a mental illness..??, Well this guy believed so. Lets say he's an atheist of Love.
Since i'm not one of those guys i describe my love as,
"she's the personification of beauty.
her expressions, conveys a sign of ladyness.
her beauty is just a outward picture of her sensuality.
the way she stands, the smile,her expression, all from heaven.
a perfect women, or is it an angel from heaven.!
her long hair, her cloths, just radiating white skin, is unlike
any women i've seen on earth. just looking at her perfect body gives me shivers,.
even the moon might get jealous, if she comes out on a moony day.."
Even as it may look like i'm describing the outer beauty, these words came from my heart, and should or will come to the heart of those who are in love.
Love is where you care about someone. You don’t hurt them, or you try your hardest not to. You try to be there for them when they need you. You want what’s best for them and feel happy for them when they do well. you want to make them feel good and you feel sad when they are sad, and when they feel bad, you feel bad for them too, and try to help. They keep you company when you need company. They put you first, above all other priorities. The person they love is top priority. even before themselves.
Like Enrique's Song in Insomniac, Communication is sometimes a key to Love, because without one talking and understanding the other and the other understanding them, there can be a barrier. But once that barrier is broken, people can begin to understand and trust each other and can bond. Also with communication, if there are problems that bother either person, the two can discuss the problems through talking, without fear of saying what they want to say. They don’t need to fear that their views will be put down, because they know that how they feel and what they believe will be respected and seen as important.
In any form of real love, the person knows that they can depend on the person and that they can trust them. They give nice compliments and make you feel special. They built your self esteem. Just like a friend.
There are also a few types of love. There is a type of love for friendship, family, aquaintences and sexual- which isn’t always associated with love. It alone can’t be a form of love, but only possibly a form of love if everything I’ve said above occurs. Otherwise it’s not real and is a selfish or blind kind. There is also the type of love you can feel for something which does not live, like objects. But I don’t think materialistic things are really too important. Perhaps it is a type of love, or only a like. think love is a need. In one form or another . It helps a person grow as a person.
And I’ve learnt these things from the people I’ve met or known. like parents, my girlfriend, my friends. even ex girlfriends, because they’ve taught me what love is not.
That my friend is a essence of a true love in a nutshell.