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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Faces Of Soul

Everybody has a black one and a white one inside their mind. white one to tell what's right and black one to tell what you want. But you need to choose which one to listen to.

Black one only tell us what we want in our deepest thoughts,it wants you to be truly happy from within.The ultimate happiness, is the deepest sorrow of life.This is what the black one want for you,to make you let go all your bonding to the mortal world and become truly happy.To never get the chance to be sad. And in the null void, there is no sadness.
Even if it means strip you of everything, because in null void there
is also no happiness, all there is peace, content, and loneliness.
The black one is prepared to make you do anything to take you there.
Some people call it as hell, since only loneliness exist there.

The people you care for vary from person to person, something or someone
which is important to one person may not be important to other.
How far can you go to make the one person you love happy,
even if it's just for a second.Even kill? The black one does just
that for the one person it loves the most, you. No one loves you more
then the black one, not even the white one. And the black one can even
kill the person who makes you slightly sad. Even against your wishes.
That's why it's called the devil.

Do you know love is the curse that the devil left in the apple eve ate,
at the beginning of the creation. Even if the love gives you happiness,
it gives sadness when the person you loved disappoints you. The black
one gains strength from your sadness and takes it to it's hands to free
you from that sadness. That's why you feel like killing the person who
makes you mad, even if you don't mean it. Black one is your ultimate
lover who does anything for you, even kill.

The Chinese people believed the perfect harmony of the white one with the black one is the key to the happy, fruitful life.Hence the ninja 'chi' symbol.

Every mind like the moon on a normal day. Not when in at full moon or
no moon day, just a normal moon day. Just because you can see only
half of the moon,it doesn't mean the moon is only half.It just mean you can only see half of the moon at that time. If you can experience the full moon phase(light side/white one/beautiful side) and no moon phase(dark side/black one/ugly side) of a person and still like him for who he is. That is the ultimate love any person can give for other.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Love, whenever you see me which those beautiful eyes,
My heart skips a beat; passion runs through my veins,
My head touches the cloud
And falls down to earth only to die again, in your arms.

Whenever you look at me,

The winds brushes my hair; the cold chills my body,
And it's like a thousand watts of electricity
Flowing through me.

I live to see you happy, i promise to keep you laughing all your life,
i just need a drop of your love to keep me alive.

I'll love you like no boy ever loved a girl, no man ever loved a women.
I’ll love you like nothing i ever loved before.
I only ask the chance to show it to you.

Please open your heart so i can remove all your pain and sorrow
And fill it with love and happiness.
I'll promise you to keep your smile in my heart
Forever and ever no matter what happens.

Friday, March 18, 2011


the first love is like a world is around her.
the looks is nothing less then annoying, to her.
the silly things i did for love.
Is all worth for the memories, to think about.

The thing is, there is no other thing when you are in love
and this is all just when you are 12.
when you  are sitting next to her, it's like killing not to look.
the most beautiful thing you ever seen,that's how she'd always been.
the feelings which flew every time she smiled and blushed.

Things you did to confirm it all. things you did which annoyed in all.
stupid things, which made sense only to you.
This is what is like to be in love, with you, for the first time.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I can feel my heart throbbing with all the feelings of love,
waiting for you to come to me, Waiting for you to look at me
Tell me those three words,  which i’ve never listened before.

I want YOU to tell me, those three words, Which makes my heart explode with joy.
Tell me the three words, Those words which make my heart skip a beat.
Tell me those three words with your open heart

For me and only me.

I want to hear those words and fly away with you.
So. will you say those three words and come to my arms.
I’m waiting with my mind and heart open

                                  ---MY LOVE


Why do you avoid me, in the middle of the crowd, 
even when you are alone? 
Why do you move away when I come to you?
I know I’ve done wrong, and I’ve apologized for it. 
And you said it’s OK. Then why isn’t it all like before. 
Why doesn’t the daisies bloom when you when I see you. 
Why don’t the winds blow when you speak anymore?

I’ve always seen you as an angel spreading love,
but –now- it looks like the dark clouds of the hell.   
The face which was filled with glitter and shine is now 
like a gear in grease. The eyes of the wandering princesses
have become a beacon of sorrow with no love in sight.
 Please princesses don’t make me suffer with the pain of 
knowing that I was the reason for your turn. Even when the 
treason is gone why isn’t the punishment. Weren’t you 
satisfied knowing how much I’ve suffered to see you 
like now or is it , that I’ve made  for darker to hate the light.

Please, princesses smile and put me out of my misery. 
Your one smile is all I ask to put this poor man 
out of this sorrow. Please princesses smile.

Knowing how much I’ve hurt you is only hurting me more.
I don’t know how long I’ll survive seeing you like this, 
knowing I’ve caused this. Suffering till the breath last is all 
I've given you haven’t i?
Knowing you are ok, is all I want to know. Knowing you can 
love again is the only thing which can forgive me. Seeing you 
like this, I’ve realized, I’m not fit for your world, but I can’t 
move away leaving you like this.

This is why I’ve decided, to stay in the shadows with love, 

even if not for mine. May be for someone who deserves it.

Good bye, good luck.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

From Pages Of Life

when u miss someone it hurts.

when u remember someone when you were having good times,
you just wish why can't it all be like before?
what did i do wrong?. how can i correct it now?
is it too late?. is he/she still thinking about me?
like i think about him/her?.has has/she moved on?.

like this many questions raise in our minds.
the only solution is to just laugh about those
lovely times and get on with your present life.

it's better to live in the future then in past.

they went away from our life for a reason.
may be it was their time. or it was not meant
to happen.whatever it may be, it's for the best.
because you are who u r now because of them at that time.
the mistakes u made in the past,is what the present
is all about.

if u r happy now. it's all the reason u need to
leave the past and move to the future.

you are living your life now without them because it
wasn't meant to happen now. life is just
what is meant to happen, nothing you do or don't
do, can change the way you live in the future.

you are not responsible for who comes to your life
or leave from your life. you are only responsible
for what impression you leave when they are with you.
what memories you give for them to remember you.

Life goes on, whether you want it or not, the only way
you can make it better is to live in the present, learn
from the past, and plan for the future. because, today
-will- become yesterday no matter what you do, and
tomorrow always comes. have you done enough for
today to remember it as past and will you accept tomorrow
like you accepted today is what makes the life so special
to live everyday for the rest of your life.

My life is like a train in making. Every stage of my life is like a cart on work.
The beauty of each one is given by how much involvement i put in creating it.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Healing Myth by "Nihasa"

//This is not my story.I found this while reading a book.This is a good story.Apparently without a copyright.So enjoy...And this story is said to contain healing powers if u read it out loud...^_^" //

Once, in another time and another place, a kingdom of magic 
      and beauty knew a time of peace. No armies threatened its 
      boarders, no bandits plundered its trade routes, no plagues 
      sickened its people. Yet even in such peaceful times, bad 
      things could happen: accidents, misunderstandings, even 
      good people doing bad things. 
      The third daughter of the king was a bright and cheerful 
      sort. She wasn't the strongest or the prettiest of the 
      royal princesses, but she did have the nicest wings of 
      anyone her age. She loved to fly around the countryside 
      and explore the groves and meadows she found...they were 
      always full of surprises. 
      One day she found a particularly pretty grove, with a pond 
      glistening in a little clearing in the middle. As she went 
      in for a closer look, she saw images start to form. She saw 
      her own reflection, and as she lightly touched the ground 
      she saw that her reflection was watching reflections of her 
      own...dim watery reflections from her past. 
      "So you can see the pictures." The voice from among the 
      trees made her jump. "Don't worry," continued the young man 
      as he stepped out from among the trees, "nobody else can see 
      the same images, Princess. It's part of the magic." 
      "How...?" she asked, looking him up and down. He was a young 
      man, no older than the princess herself, dressed in the 
      rough tunic of a wizard's apprentice. "Who are you? How did 
      you know who I am, what I saw?" 
      "I am apprenticed to the Court Wizard. Everybody knows who 
      you are, Princess...and besides, I have seen you at the 
      palace when I have been there with my master." He paused, 
      glancing at the ground and lowering his voice. "As to the 
      images...well, at one time I had need of their magic." 
      "When I entered the Wizard's service, I had a great and 
      secret fear. Something...bad...happened to me when I was 
      younger. It hurt to even think about, and after time I 
      didn't think about it much. But ever since that time, I had 
      lived with the fear. When my master learned of this, he 
      taught me the magic of this pool and its stream".

      "The pool reflects images from your mind...scenes from your 
      past, dreams of the future, even fantasies of the present. 
      The stream flows like time itself, upstream into the past, 
      and downstream into the future. If I followed the ritual he 
      described, these magics could wash clean the fear." 
      She made a face. "I suppose this ritual involves deep magics 
      usable only by Wizards?" 
      "Not really. All the magic is in the waters, and anyone can 
      use the ritual. Even a lowly apprentice." He grinned. "It's 
      pretty simple. After he told me about it, he brought me here 
      and then stood back by the trees. He said that he would 
      answer any questions I had but otherwise I was on my own." 
      "I stood where I could see my reflection in the pool, and 
      then thought about my fear. As I thought, my reflection 
      watched a reflection of my thoughts...like a stage where 
      dimly lit actors played out the scene against a colorless 
      backdrop. I looked up and saw that I was still here, in the 
      glade. I looked back at the water, holding on to a small 
      part of the special feeling of fear it had given me. As I 
      turned and looked back upstream, I saw more images...each 
      earlier than the last. I relaxed and let the feeling guide 
      me back to the earliest image. When I had that, I turned 
      back to the pool and found my reflection watching the same 
      colorless players in their dim reflection of the memory. As 
      my reflection watched, the image went from a time shortly 
      before the bad thing happened, through the whole thing, and 
      on to a time when it was all over. When it passed the ending 
      that way, it stopped...like a drawing. Then the drawing 
      faded away, and I was just looking at my reflection. The 
      Wizard had told me that if I stepped into that last part of 
      the image, it would run very quickly backwards, with full 
      color and sound and me living backwards through it all...all 
      the way through to the part before the beginning. It sounded 
      very strange. As I looked at my reflection again, it was 
      watching the image go forward again in its dim, colorless 
      way. When it reached the drawing at the end, I stepped into 
      the image and was plunged into a world going backwards! It 
      went clear through to before the beginning in less than a 
      second, then stopped. Startled, I let the water carry me 
      downstream, through all that had happened since, with the 
      fear gone and the memory unable to hurt me. When I reached 
      the here-and-now, I got out and just stood there, knowing 
      that the fear would trouble me no more." He stopped, and 
      suddenly seemed to remember where he was, and who he was 
      talking to. "That was over a year ago, and the fear is still 
      gone. The Wizard says it is gone for good." 
      She thought for a moment. "So all there is to this ritual is 
      think of the problem until your reflection sees it, follow a 
      part of the feeling upstream to my earliest memory of it, 
      wait for my reflection to see it all the way through, step 
      into the ending, and live it backwards quickly? What kind of 
      magic is that?" 
      He thought for a minute, shrugged, and said "Effective? If 
      you wish, I will withdraw to the trees while you try it." 

           "What makes you think that I NEED it?" 
      "Because the images only come to those who do." His voice 
      faded to an embarrassed silence as he realized what he had 
      said. "I'll go now." 
      "Yes, do." She said absently, already thinking. Then: "But 
      not too far, in case I need you." She was remembering an 
      incident a few days back which had set off her special fear, 
      and just as the apprentice had described, her reflection in 
      the pool was watching a dim and watery scene of the memory. 
      Startled, she looked up again. Yes, she was in the clearing, 
      with the trees all around and the apprentice all but lost 
      among the closer ones. She could still feel a part of that 
      fear, so she kept that feeling while she looked back up 
      stream at all the images from the past that the feeling had 
      touched...until she found the earliest of them all. She 
      brought that memory back to the pool and released it as her 
      reflection started to watch it unfold in its dim and watery 
      way. Her reflection seemed to have a life of its own as it 
      watched the pale scene start before anything happened, run 
      through the bad parts, and then pause at a time when it was 
      all over. She watched her reflection shift as she prepared 
      for what she would do. Her reflection settled as it watched 
      the scene unfold again. The dim scene passed through the 
      beginning, through the bad time and on past again. When it 
      stopped, she jumped in to it. Suddenly, she was there again: 
      back where and when it had happened. Everything was moving 
      backwards, and in a flash she had lived backwards through it 
      and past the beginning. Shocked, she let the water carry her 
      down stream, forward through all the rest of her yesterdays 
      without the bad times for company. When she got to today, 
      she stood up. There she was...standing, dripping in a stream 
      in the clearing. She looked around for the apprentice, half 
      expecting him to be laughing at the soggy mess she must be. 
      He was there, by the trees...not laughing, just smiling in 
      an understanding way.  
      In the years that followed, they became friends. Although 
      they went their separate ways...he, as wizard to one of the 
      King's high lords and she as wife to a neighboring prince... 
      they valued that friendship to the end of their days. And 
      from that time on, neither was ever again troubled by their 
      great fears. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Romance in the rain: Part 1

let me tell u a story.

Once there was a boy, and there was a girl.they met, hang out
fell in love, and got married. Now where's the fun in tat.
life's all about twists and turns.

here i put u a story about a young boy falling in love with a pretty girl.
it's a pretty big story. so put it in parts of senarios. with pretty twists
and turns.. hope u like it.

I like to mention a perticular incident tat took place, which shows
how dumb he was to girls..

it was raining tat day, like pretty much everyday in the season.
And this place is burning sun in the summer and raining wet all the
time in the rest of the year,it's....... the costal area...

by the way, he already made some friends in the summer, so it's the
winter or rainy season, where true romance get going.and to add more
taste to it, the costal area. the never ending sea, far far sand shore,
sun in the horrizons,it's the best getaway u could ever get.

By the way it's raining tat day.He's standing in the bus stop.
she's standing couple of feet next to him.she's wearing a beautiful
dress.Her hair was left lose till her sholder and she was wearing a
low heal slipper. Most boys look tat to..hahum...

she sees him and gives him a smile.

she had a cream white face and body.her eyes are like lill chillis,
with black grapes.her nose is small,but not as small as tat his fingers
could't hold to. she has a cute lips with lipstick on.

He gambling with his heart moves towards her and say,"Hello".

she wearing a watch in her left hand and bangles in right.she asks
him," Do u travel by the same bus everyday? where's u r house".
by the way it'a an orbious question, they were classmates ..

He quickly reply,"Alape, next stop of the chairman's house... where do
u live?".

she says,"padil".

She notices tat he wasn't having an umbrella in that rainy day.
she says" It's better to get the bus from jyothi,lets go there.
(Here jyothi is a next bus stop,gets it's name from the theater jyothi.)
Here i have an umbrella".she casually offered her umbrella and he casually
accepted.She started walking and he started walking behind her with her
umbrella.She was walking a step or two ahead of him,
the road was kind of messy from the rain so he struggled to keep up.

After they both reach the bus stop,he gave back her umbrella to her,
by then the rain was reduced to drissling.There she stood with her
umbrella, like an angle in the rain.

The next bus came. she entered the bus frm the women's frount entrence and he
took the back entrence.

He could see her frm the back.like the saying goes,"Anyone can catch your eye,
but it takes someone special to catch your heart".But he did't know thought.
Their stop came and she got down.Before he could get down making his way from
the bus in that crowd.she had already started walking on her way to the class.
And by then he noticed,dame she's a fast walker..

It felt like she was runnig away from him!!. Orbiously she entered the
class first,a few minutes before he did, and was talking to her friends when
he entered the class.Tierd from the long bus ride in the rain, he took no time
to notice her,he setteled down in his desk.It was still few minutes too early
for the teacher to come to class.

As he was resting in my bench. she looked at him, and came towards him. He had't noticed her till she says,"have u done the assignment?, can
i have u r book?". i without saying a word looked at her and
silently handed her his book. As she received his book, she stood in
frount of him turnig the pages.He quickly noticed that,he grabbes his
book from her hand, opened the assignment page of the assignment and
handed the book back to her.

As he grabbed the book, she gazed at him with a sweet kind of aura.
the kind of aura tat girls usually have when a sudden or amasing thing happen.
The aura prevailed till she moved back to her seat.

That's the time he truly looked at her like a women. She really looked
beautiful to his eyes. But my boy had ideals...   

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Introduction on emotion reading(brief)

Since I'm still working on something,today I'll give a brief intro
into "my classification" on reading.

I hate it when ppl think tat, they know when i can be wrong.
that's why i always say, "just because you couldn't do it, it doesn't mean others can't do it".
it seems bit cold, but it's the perfect ego shatter er.

Ego is the one which makes ppl do thinks without thinking straight.

The basic principle of reading someone is by basic gesture and comparison,that's the method i follow, and it has worked for me. comparison is by main, putting yourself in others shoes and observing how they react in the same situation when you are given.
That's the basic gesture recognition.

But "face reading" is much more complex then just gesture recognition, the basic of facial recognition/reading, is to see how people react to words and spoken to them. Most of the recognizance is universal, but some vary with person to person.

You can see that, emotions change some basic pressure points. Not to go deep to this, one other way is by "reading eyes".

Unlike facial recognizance, reading eyes is not easy as it sounds.But once
mastered it can provide ways to compensate all of the disadvantage of facial reading. Eyes reading cannot be tampered like facial reading,tampering here by means, changing by practice. eyes reading easily gives out your emotions no matter how calm u look in u r face and voice. that's the specialty of reading eyes.

The method i often use is a mixture of gesture and reading eyes. I can do the
"facial reading" to a level, but i sorely concentrate on the eyes. Through i'm not
qualified or in the level of the deception expert, i'm what you may call, amateur-intermediate level trainee. I'm telling this, just so clarify of what to expect from me. most people can read faces up to some level, only that much that would help in their business or line of work. But me. I've made a habit out of it,
which means i'm in certain other level then your average business man...^_^