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Friday, July 16, 2010


it was my girlfriend's birth day and i haven't got a present, and I'm clueless about
what to give her. I asked a friend ,he probably being busy took out
some time for me, and we went on a rampage on the the stores but to no vain. Disappointed he went home suggesting stores near my home.
By now i had a general idea of a present, but still clueless of what to give. the next day ,on Saturday i went to a hallmark store and picked up a greeting card after through examination of almost all the cards in the rack and it's still not enough. Since i had some more money to spare, i thought of getting her something else, through some ceramic dolls got my attention, i was having second thoughts, since it was a collection, and i usually go for a single peice of rare item. Then i considered for the mugs with good quotes on it, and one perticular mug got my attention, and it's quotes was so formed so was in a barrier line between love and friendship,(Since i was not in commitment with her yet) and the pictures on it was good.
I was looking for a perfect birthday gift ,how could i settle for just a mug. so i
thought of keeping my options open as always and asked the shopkeeper whether the store was open on tomorrow, as tomorrow was Sunday, the shopkeeper clearly stated that the store will be closed all day since it is Sunday. I didn't have time to think since it was the closing time of the shop and the shopkeeper was packing up to leave. I quickly made a discussion to buy it thinking that I'll get something else in addition,i asked for a gift wrap of the mug and the store closed as soon as i left
I then went home and calculated my expenditure for the gift and the designated amount set aside for it. Which then i realized that i used up almost all of my money which i set aside for the gift, for the mug and greeting card and had none left.
That night i had little sleep thinking what she might say, when she sees the mug,
the taught of her expression itself made me regret my decision, i was so sad
that i even considered borrowing money from my friend to get another suitable gift.
well common what would u do to get that perfect gift for your perfect girl
to make her birthday perfect.well it's Just like they say, when u r in love everything
around u seems so imperfect.
That night went as, and the next day when i was filling names of the sender part
on the gift card and writing quotes on the greeting card, i realized something, which i had forgotten for a longtime that," It's not what you give,it's the taught which counts",
And if she understands that she with no doubt love it.