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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Two Faces Of Soul

Everybody has a black one and a white one inside their mind. white one to tell what's right and black one to tell what you want. But you need to choose which one to listen to.

Black one only tell us what we want in our deepest thoughts,it wants you to be truly happy from within.The ultimate happiness, is the deepest sorrow of life.This is what the black one want for you,to make you let go all your bonding to the mortal world and become truly happy.To never get the chance to be sad. And in the null void, there is no sadness.
Even if it means strip you of everything, because in null void there
is also no happiness, all there is peace, content, and loneliness.
The black one is prepared to make you do anything to take you there.
Some people call it as hell, since only loneliness exist there.

The people you care for vary from person to person, something or someone
which is important to one person may not be important to other.
How far can you go to make the one person you love happy,
even if it's just for a second.Even kill? The black one does just
that for the one person it loves the most, you. No one loves you more
then the black one, not even the white one. And the black one can even
kill the person who makes you slightly sad. Even against your wishes.
That's why it's called the devil.

Do you know love is the curse that the devil left in the apple eve ate,
at the beginning of the creation. Even if the love gives you happiness,
it gives sadness when the person you loved disappoints you. The black
one gains strength from your sadness and takes it to it's hands to free
you from that sadness. That's why you feel like killing the person who
makes you mad, even if you don't mean it. Black one is your ultimate
lover who does anything for you, even kill.

The Chinese people believed the perfect harmony of the white one with the black one is the key to the happy, fruitful life.Hence the ninja 'chi' symbol.

Every mind like the moon on a normal day. Not when in at full moon or
no moon day, just a normal moon day. Just because you can see only
half of the moon,it doesn't mean the moon is only half.It just mean you can only see half of the moon at that time. If you can experience the full moon phase(light side/white one/beautiful side) and no moon phase(dark side/black one/ugly side) of a person and still like him for who he is. That is the ultimate love any person can give for other.

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