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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Why do you avoid me, in the middle of the crowd, 
even when you are alone? 
Why do you move away when I come to you?
I know I’ve done wrong, and I’ve apologized for it. 
And you said it’s OK. Then why isn’t it all like before. 
Why doesn’t the daisies bloom when you when I see you. 
Why don’t the winds blow when you speak anymore?

I’ve always seen you as an angel spreading love,
but –now- it looks like the dark clouds of the hell.   
The face which was filled with glitter and shine is now 
like a gear in grease. The eyes of the wandering princesses
have become a beacon of sorrow with no love in sight.
 Please princesses don’t make me suffer with the pain of 
knowing that I was the reason for your turn. Even when the 
treason is gone why isn’t the punishment. Weren’t you 
satisfied knowing how much I’ve suffered to see you 
like now or is it , that I’ve made  for darker to hate the light.

Please, princesses smile and put me out of my misery. 
Your one smile is all I ask to put this poor man 
out of this sorrow. Please princesses smile.

Knowing how much I’ve hurt you is only hurting me more.
I don’t know how long I’ll survive seeing you like this, 
knowing I’ve caused this. Suffering till the breath last is all 
I've given you haven’t i?
Knowing you are ok, is all I want to know. Knowing you can 
love again is the only thing which can forgive me. Seeing you 
like this, I’ve realized, I’m not fit for your world, but I can’t 
move away leaving you like this.

This is why I’ve decided, to stay in the shadows with love, 

even if not for mine. May be for someone who deserves it.

Good bye, good luck.

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